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2020-10-14 15:19

Matrix Sport Goods Co.,Ltd.Ningbo one of the best OEM manufacturer in the world.

For over 20 years, Matrix has been work together with many brands build the best sport products and innovations available to help peoples enjoy the great winter & summer sports.

At Matrix our passion is to create snowboards,ski,kiteboards , wakeboards and new products of Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with quality construction for a high performace ride,having our own factory over 14000 square meter with 200 workers allows us to create boards utilizing the best production technology&quality materials, Matrix’s plus 20 years experience designing& manufacturing boards combines with our team riders fresh attitude to push the boundaires of boards performance to the highest levels possible.

Matrix’s boards innovation is the result of our focus on the core synergy between designer, rider&manufacturer, every Matrix boards we create represents our vision to provide the best performace for all styles of reders&all type of terrain.

Matrix sports offer an innovative range of models to improve your riding performance in all the sub cultures of snowboarding, skiing and surfing.

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Address:No.1 Hairon Road Binhai Industrial District Xiangshan Ningbo 315712 ZJ CHINA

Contact Person: Mr.Jack Wang Ms.Betty Xia

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